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Welcome to Apex Solution

  • Buy simple and user-friendly software with trial runs.
  • Install, Run, Maintain, and secure your data and applications that support your business.
  • Innovative technology that you can tool to save time and resources.

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Who We Are?

Apex solution is a software developer and technological advancement-based company. We Introduce yourselves as the prime and stand-out commercial software application service providers. With our fast-moving advancement in software engineering, we have been able to hold a strong recognition in our market. Our software goes through various tests following every standard. Creating confidence for the product quality we serve. The delivery methodologies we adopt are prompt making us the most reliable in our market.

The high-quality infrastructure we carry ensures reliability and efficient and effective productivity. Our expert creative team understands and evaluates the client’s requirements. And then offers them tailor-fit solutions. Our top-level technical and creative talent provides 24×7 access in all disciplines.


As Founded back in 2001 Apex Actsoft, has progressed vertically & horizontally for 20 years. With our experience, huge client base, we ensure quality assurance to our clients. With our crackerjack experience, we are centered on providing off-the-shelf solutions. Which are specially designed for Small-to-Mid Enterprises (SME).


  • ERP for Manufacturing Industry
  • Sales and Stock Visibility
  • Education
  • Jewelry – Wholesale / Retail
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What is Max?

Max is your comprehensive answer for your accounting management. It is an accounting hybrid mobile app or mobile-based accounting application for Android and iOS. That allows you to access all of your Tally Data while you are on the go. You can’t take your system everywhere you go, and Max helps you for pocket sizing your data I.e., synchronization your tally in your pocket. The Accounting and finance department is the Heart of an organization, where all the transactions go through the department, and we know that a good heart channelizes better health.

So, what is it that you get by using our Tally application services?


Check ledgers of different companies

You can easily keep track of various’ ledgers with a varied period. Our mobile app even lets your reminders of parties’ due balances which can ensure timely inward cash flow. All such features are available on a single app on your mobile. Isn’t it amazing!

Supported by reports and statements

The app renders tally reports on mobile

  • Daybook
  • Profit & loss statements on a daily, weekly, as well as monthly and yearly basis as per client need.
  • Also, a report view could be generated which would aid in analyzing every single point you’re concerned about.

Keep a check on inventory

Max also helps in tracking your inventory. Along with pricing and their fluctuations in rates, and the expected reorder and minimum and maximum levels. Through your Smartphone at just a click. This way, the app helps to make appropriate decisions. Whether you are in the office or out of the office. Avoiding overstocking or under-stocking of your inventory.

Bird eye view with graph

Nothing as good as understands the aspect of purchases, sales, and expenses with the supportive graphs and charts. Our app provides a detailed view of the financial data to give a clear insight into it.

Wow UI & UX

The app ensures the best usability and readability promising the best user experience. Every (icon) of the app is easy to understand and use without any guidance to use it. The user interface makes it the best mobile application for tally data analysis.

Round the clock customer guidance

Our support team is always available at your service. The app offers technical experts services on your phone, through email, WhatsApp for taking care of any kind of issues our clients face. You can easily contact our customer care and the team will resolve the issues at the earliest

Built using official Tally integration

Choose a Plan

Max Silver

150 / month
  • Dashboard
  • Party Inventory Report
  • Business Report
  • Multi Companies Account
  • Multi-user Accounts
  • Sales Force Analysis - Advance
  • Master Creation
  • Data Entry
  • Web-base Reporting

Max Gold

225 / month
  • Dashboard
  • Party Inventory Report
  • Business Report
  • Multi Companies Account
  • Multi-user Accounts
  • Sales Force Analysis - Advance
  • Master Creation
  • Data Entry
  • Web-base Reporting

Max Web Plus

300 / month
  • Dashboard
  • Party Inventory Report
  • Business Report
  • Multi Companies Account
  • Multi-user Accounts
  • Sales Force Analysis - Advance
  • Master Creation
  • Data Entry
  • Web-base Reporting

After conducting detailed research on the existing market. We have offered you the best software to meet up your requirements within an affordable price range. The price may vary depending upon the customization options and upgrades in the future. Given below are some of our best prices and can be compared with the other list in the market.

Reason for development of Max

As Max is Mobile Based Accounting Software and we holding hardcore Tally-based Clients for so long time. Which helped us to gain and be Experienced, in identifying many challenges our customers, as well as CA and Tax Consultant, faces on daily basis. And to defeat those challenges we have come up with our product MAX. Making us determined to come up with a desirable as well as a satisfactory solution.

The following are the solutions we met through our most friendly software designed, developed by Apex.

 Max Designed aims to solve 5 Big Challenges of customers and CA / Tax Consultant

1) Dashboards and Reports on Mobile

Business Owners get to see the review of their Reports. of various aspects of Accounts on a Click basis. This enhances that they can report, track as well as present themselves anywhere and anytime.

2) Data Entry through Mobile to Tally

A lot of Customers give data to Data Entry operators / Consultants or Chartered accountant firms. Enabling them to maintain their accounts. But with us into the picture along with our mechanism they don’t have to give data to CA / Consultant as managing their data becomes a one-click job.

3) Get Rid of the Data Entry Jobs

The most delicate issue that CA and Tax consultants face is the Data entry of Customers. Which leads to a delay in finalization. But with us, a Chartered accountant can easily make use of time for auditing purposes. And also take up more clients and increase their client portfolio. They can shift their resources towards auditing as their client can easily manage their accounting part with help of Max.

4) Graphical Representation

Every Customer puts a lot of time into converting their Tally data in the form of MIS. Which can no doubt be very time-consuming leading to an increase in inadequate manpower. As we know that most of the customers want to see their reports in Graphical Presentation as graphs add value to numbers. Anda also helps for ease of decision-making. As graphs act as a friendly source of reporting. To get such reports in a Graphical presentation every accountant has to do duplication of work. And then Export data to excel and create reports, which then again further consume their time. But with max into the picture your trusted mobile accounting app. There is no such issue as our app has successfully resolved the issue, as our mobile-based app helps to analyze data. Making all the information available on a click basis.

 5) Web base Reports

Max also helps to present web-based reports. You wouldn’t need to carry your system everywhere. Nor have to stress about mobile small screen data as your shortcoming towards your presentation. As your data will be accessible through the simple use of the internet and login id on any web page. Keeping your focus on your presentation rather than data.


We attempt to give you an end-to-end solution. That includes Analysis

  • Software selection
  • Installation and
  • Constant friendly updates

 to ensure that the business operates successfully with no interruptions.

Our team will personally visit your business site. To install the software and make sure that they run successfully. Along with multiple connections between your systems ensuring there be no errors. The cloud storage will be updated regularly and the errors will be acknowledged and rectified through a personal visit. Giving you the prompt and best solution.

The cloud storage will be updated regularly and the errors will be recognized and rectified through a personal visit. With the help of advanced software customers can,

  • Perform the ledger calculations by themselves without the requirement for an accountant.
  • The real-time mobile application will follow the customers to track the business from anywhere and at any time.
  • Allows a proper cash flow within and outside the business through regular updates and reminders.
  • Generate invoices and sales orders quickly without the help of the accountant

Have a question? Well, we’ve got some answers

Why choose us over us?

We stay connected to your business as we acknowledge our clients as members of our big Apex Actsoft family. We ensure

  • Help to focus your shift on auditing rather than accounting
  • Quick and ease of your business without any time constraints
  • We provoke intelligent data-driven decisions.

Address through Outstanding Reminders with secure inward cash flow

  • Send Recurring and professional reminders at one click
  • Experience payment warnings via email, WhatsApp SMS just a click
  • Considerably decreased in a reduction in payment delays
  • Healthy cash flows for expansion

Examine & Improved Sales

  • You can easily examine your sales by location, inventory item, month, and much more
  • Helps in taking feedbacks through inactive customers who have not put forth order in a while
  • Individual Sales Analysis at the customer level
  • Helps in differentiating the stock items that you have not sold

Ease of Data Entry Through the App

  • You can easily make your Sales Invoices, Sales Orders, and Receipts just by filling in client details and also keep it an auto mode for future aspects
  • Make Invoices, Purchase-orders, and Payments at the click
  • Synchronize your data automatically with Tally on a real-time basis
  • Instantly Share data avoiding any loss of time and data via WhatsApp, Email, SMS, and more
  • More time saving & Error-free work

Creating and fastening your sales productivity

  • Keeping Outstanding follow-up of clients
  • Immediate preparation of sales orders, receipts while attending customer
  • Ease of Geo-tagged In or out report of client visits
  • Add remarks of each customer visit
  • Effortlessly Transfer / Exclude limited access to the sales team
Quick follow up of reminders and notifications

Is my Data secure with Max?

Max has a built-in banking grade security since day one of using up to date with the latest standards. We have included multiple security levels which makes sure that your data is always under your control. Your data is completely encrypted during the sync process and can only be accessed through your devices.

Who will have access to my data?

The answer is you and your Admin which you allow access to will have complete access to the data. You can add Multiple users like your sales team, senior management, accountant, etc. as and when you need. The admin can also decide to give limited access to each user and remove at any point of time directly from the mobile accounting app. There is no restriction on the number of users, but, the charges are based on per mobile device per tally license.

If want to give Limited access to your Executives of different Departments, as you don’t want them to see all the data, Is it possible?

Yes, Max’s permissions system lets you give limited access to any number of users you allow. You can give and put a restriction, the permissions to each person where they can only see the data permitted to them.

Is it possible to do Entries on Mobile that sync with Tally?

Yes, certainly. With Max, you can generate all types of Vouchers through Mobile that syncs easily with Tally ERP 9. As mobile-based accounting is just a click away.

Are there any limitations on the addition of Companies?

With help of Max, you can add any number of companies from your Tally ERP9 license. You just need to open the companies in your Tally. And then click on Add Companies in the Max Desktop application. And then you can add those companies without any complication.

if I change my phone, no? Will my data be triggered? Will I have to again pay?

There is no need to pay again in case you change your phone or even if you face theft of your phone, we have you blanketed. You can just install our application again. And log in with your user’s name and password. Get started without getting triggered through any accounting aspect.

Will my app constrain my work without the internet?

Max has prided itself to be an offline mobile accounting app. Your data gets stored on your mobile phone which gives you the power to get the data anytime, anywhere you like. You can be ensured by taking a free 7-days trial.

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